Photography is made of encounters on the way.
It is sharing a moment in the flow of time with someone: closer or stranger.
It is not less deep if it has an end.
It is not less true if there will not be a second time.

During my travels I am driven by curiosity towards people I meet by chance.
Sometimes an occasional chat on the street becomes a visual journey into those people’s lifes. Even language barrier often doesn’t stop communication based on mutual interest and generosity.
I can feel just well in someone’s company, or amazingly welcome in someone else’s house. It also happens to me to be treated like a daughter, because the “real” daughter is far away and a parent hopes she will get the same care and affection there, where she is. Sometimes there is such a deep fascination for whom I just met, which I can describe as being close to the feeling of falling in love with someone: be it a person, couple or a group of people.

I feel home everytime I find this shared curiosity, generosity and empathy.
Thus, I consider having my one long-time family but also many short-time families around Europe. I get to live those priviledged moments and glimpses into a home and family’s reality. As I am invited in, I become an accepted witness of everyday life in different places, with its difficulties and joys. And through my camera I show this reality, the one of my temporary families.