Tradition consoles in bad times. It manages to produce authenticity and build identity.

The number of supporters following the soccer team 1.FC Magdeburg is the highest of the whole german fourth league. The brand new stadion was built to contain till 25.000 spectators, but it hasn’t been so full yet: maybe it will be the day they will achieve the dreamed league ascension.

Magdeburg used to be the most succesful team in GDR times; today it survives on the commemoration of the great achievement of 1974: the win of the European Best Cup against Milan FC.

Since that time, the Wall has fallen, players, money and industries are gone.

Nowadays the city can be proud of some occasional traces of the ancient power and beauty, of being the cradle of the band Tokyo Hotel, and of a soccer dream. The same destiny share many eastern German cities, having suffered of the recent history turning outs.

Soccer is a prodigy of our times which succeds to create virtual communities sharing intense moments of mutuality. I am attracted by signs of faith and the universality of emotions such a sport offers, in a region still looking for its identity in the country’s divided history.

Chiara Dazi

31.05.2015 Update: after becoming champion of the Regionalliga Nordost,
1. FC Mageburg won the promotion rounds and achieved to compete in a fully professional league for the season 2015/2016, for the first time since reunification.