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BARRO PHOTOFESTIVAL: “The Moldovan Derby” shown in France

Monday, July 15th, 2019

The series “The Moldovan Derby” will be exhibited at the Photofestival Barrobjectif in France.
From 14th till 22nd September 2019

Moldova Republic / Gagauzia / Ceadîr-Lunga / November 2015 / Three players from the Gagauzian team FC Saxan in the city of Ceadîr-Lunga walk to the stadium for the evening training. Two of them are from Turkey, one from Ghana. Many players from Africa join Moldovan teams hoping to find a door to Europe, but are often disappointed by the level and conditions they find here.

ARLES: “MARSHRUTKASCAPE 210” Photofilm screened in France

Monday, July 1st, 2019

Screening of the new short Fotofilm “Marshrutkascape – 210” at the Fotohaus in Arles, France.
Tuesday 2nd July and Thursday 4th July during the “Nuit de la Roquette”